New Testament Living

by Norman B. Harrison, D.D.

Author, Bible Teacher, and Evangelist this booklet was first published in the early 1950s.

All life is inward — always. Necessarily so. Only the expression of life is outward. To confuse the two leads to sham and imitation, it is fatal.

A man’s life, his vitals and vital processes — all are inward, enclosed in a protective skin. Take an orange. It is beautiful to look at. Shall we content ourselves with talking about its size, shape, color, skin? No, we want what’s within; that alone satisfies. It is sad that much sermonizing and Bible study fails to take off the wrappings of externals to get at the meat of a satisfying spiritual life.

The truths taught in this small booklet are for the encouragement of all. They are true. They are transforming — not theoretical but practical. —— 116 pages.

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The Shackling of Grace

Lee LeFebre has spent 40 years lecturing, teaching, and counseling Christians in both the US and foreign countries. He taught how to find and experience the freedom that God intended for the believer. He found that the shackling of grace is a universal phenomenon which needed to be confronted. Is another reformation needed because the grace of God has been marginalized? Have Christians been blind-sided and fed lies? Join Lee in discovering God's alternative to today's distorted gospel! — 192 pages.

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Knowing The Will of God

The will of God is a topic that usually requires a 10 step program before proceeding, according to many experts. Is there really only one path that fits the will of God in your major decisions? Or does God normally give you multiple choices in most matters? Is God's will really the opposite of your will?

This booklet will help to free you in many instances, from months or years of constrictions. It will enable you to enjoy life as God intended. — 38 pages.

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